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    Application Framework for .NET Projects
    A streamlined infrastructure for modern web applications.
    Compliant with Repository Pattern
    "Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software." - Eric Evans

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Our framework is incredibly extremely scalable and highly integrable.

Unified Framework is an application framework for ASP.NET MVC web applications. It's not just a framework, it also provides a strong architectural model based on Repository Pattern, Onion architecture and Dependency Injection.

Final Product

Our Framework Features

User Management

Manage user identity information and credentials.

User Registration

Two-Factor Authentication, Password Reset / Confirmation.

Group-Based Authorization

Grant permissions to the groups a user belongs to.

Multilingual User Interface

Supports up to 34 languages worldwide.

Dynamic Form Builder

Create forms on the fly and receive submissions in a centric database.

CRUD Bootstrap Modal Popups

Perform AJAX create, retrieve, update and delete operations.

AJAX Server Side Data Grid

Server Side Paging, Infinite Scrolling, Filtering and Sorting

Repository Pattern

Compliant with Repository Pattern, Onion Architecture and DI.

Our Clients

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RMR Development United States RMR can turn idea into reality, create the graphical design, program the website. Website Facebook Linkedin Linkedin
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