Identity Manager

Identity Manager is a simple UI tool for administrators to manage the identity information for users of their applications. This includes creating users, editing user information (passwords, email, permissions, etc.) and deleting users.

Role Provider

Role Provider enables administrators to restrict access to certain parts of the application by creating roles (permissions). You can easily create roles such as "Admin" and assign that role to a specific user group(s).

Group-Based Authorization

This features allows administrators to perform authorization based on the groups an user belongs to. A user who is a member of a group can access only the parts of the application a group is granted to. Users are assigned to one or more Groups. Groups are granted set of permissions corresponding to the various authorizations required by group members to perform their function.

Social Login Providers

Enabling users to sign in with their existing credentials is very convenient for them and shifts many of the complexities of managing the sign-in process onto a third party. You can easily add social log-ins such as Microsoft Account, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others to your application, and store the user-specific data in your application.


Unified Identity Project contains a set of security features right out of the box which are:
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Account Lockout
  • Account Confirmation
  • Password Reset
  • Enhanced Password Validator

Multilingual User Interface (MUI)

Unified Identity Project provides a multilingual user interface including up to 34 languages worldwide which enables users to change the language of the user interface (UI).
For example, a Spanish-speaking user who is working with an English UI can change the language of the UI to Spanish. The application's toolbars, navigation bars, list titles, column headings and validation messages appear in Spanish. Similarly, an Arabic-speaker can change the UI to Arabic. In this case, the left-to-right orientation of the application changes to a right-to-left orientation.

CRUD Bootstrap Modal Popups

Enabling users to perform create, retrieve, update and delete operations in effective and easy manner by using Modal popup window that is displayed on top of the current page.

AJAX Grid Server Side Paging, Filtering and Sorting

Unified Identity Project provides users/developers with AJAX-enabled and mobile responsive data grid control which contains integrated paging, sorting and filtering functionalities in addition to insert, update and delete operations.